Why booking a private session?

Working privately can help you identify or moderate issues you might be experiencing. Private sessions will provide you with yoga sequences and flows especially created for you and cater to your needs, whether you want to refine your alignment, gain confidence in your yoga practice, work around an injury,  or have chronic pain.

'Build your practice'

1x60 minutes session - 120 CHF

Moving skillfully and steadily within a yoga practice requires a certain level of technique, focus, and strength. This one to one session will aim to build on that and identify movement patterns and difficulties you might face in certain poses. Its suitable for beginners and more advanced practitioners.


Yoga  Therapeutics

1st Yoga consultation - 75CHF

3x60mins sessions - 450CHF

5x60mins sessions - 700CHF

10x60mins sessions - 1350CHF

These sessions are designed for individuals with specific needs and work on preventative treatment that emphasize on healing of acute and chronic injuries. An initial consultation will be held in order to evaluate your movement patterns, posture, muscle strength, stress and emotional health. On the second session you will be given your customised yoga sequence. Any follow up session will be to check in with your progress and adjust the sequence accordingly.