Handstand Workshop with Leandro Fornito 18-19 May 2019


Pursue the strength necessary to face what might bring you fear.

Inversions let alone Handstand can be a scary thing for many of us. A few years ago when I first met Leandro (insta @leo.moves) his passion about inversions n the power of his mind-body connection was something beyong inspiring. Its an honor to finally partner up with him and offer this workshop!

In this first of its kind workshop we will combine our knowledge over mobility, strength, handstand and yoga to help you unlock your potential n help you move forward with your practice. We have separated the levels so as to offer more from what you might experience in a handstand/yoga class!

Saturday : Beginners Handstand workshop: Learn how to come upside down! We will built on mobility and strength drills to help you take the first step in placing weight on your hands without fear! If you have never balanced on your hands, or trying to improve your basics...then this is the workshop for you!

Sunday: Advanced Handstand workshop: Go a step further. Press, float, different entries, playfulness and yoga application! If you are already kicking into handstand without fear and you feel stuck with your progress this is the workshop for you!

Dates: 18.05 Beginners Level 14:00 - 16:00
            19.05 Advanced Level 13:00 - 15:00
Investement: 60.- Per Workshop
Place: Sanapurna Naturheilkunde Ayurveda & Yoga , Militärstrasse 115 CH-8004 Zürich 
Space is limited!

Please email: if you have any further questions and to register directly. Payment will be needed in order to secure your spot!

Myofascial Release Workshop with an introduction to FRC

25-26 May 2019

Anne Maria13-1.JPG

Knowledge is power and the more you know about your body and how it is designed to move, you'll be able to make healthy and supportive movement and postural choices in your everyday life and in any movement practice. This 2 day workshop dives right into the anatomy and function of your body and then explores a wide range of healthy movements to help improve mobility, reduce tension and support long-term health.

Join me for the first of its kind Myofascial Workshop combined with the FRC method.

During this 3 hours each day  you will learn:

- How to use tools such as Myofascial release balls, blocks and straps in order to release tension from your body n create freedom around the joints.
 - Combine Myofascial release with FRC will help our bodies regain back lost ranges of motion in our joints cause by a myriad of factors (injury, non use, mis use).
 - Applying all these principles we will aim to have an injury free practice with as less pain as possible!

My aim is that you'll walk away with a deeper understanding of your body, tips to improve your posture, and a whole bunch of supportive and effective movements you can do daily to feel mobile and strong and how to successfully integrate that into your life.

Open to all levels of Practice.

Date: Saturday - Sunday, 25-26 May 2019
Time: 13:30 – 16:30
Price: CHF 90.- (per session)
Info & Booking: For this workshop you will have to contact n book directly with the studio at this address: /

Teachers Practice


The first of its kind, a class designed for Yoga Teachers from all traditions and backgrounds.

“Its been a long dream of mine to be able to work independently from studios and offer more to the teaching community of Zurich”

This 2hr class is designed to educate, challenge and progress your studentship and enhance your skills as teachers. We will focus mostly on asana practice and body mechanics and its aim is to provide a better understanding of alignment and its limits and how to move beyond it.

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Investment: 50.-

Studio: TBA